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Children are the lifeblood of the next generation. Twenty-two people were killed, many of them children, and 69 injured in Monday’s suicide bombing at an Ariana Grande concert in Manchester, England – another soft target chosen to inflict the most damage possible, both mental and physical.
“Cowards,” “losers” and many other descriptions uttered concerning the radicalized Muslim extremist who blew himself up with kids as the main target.
After thinking about this a bit, it dawned on me that my thought process was somewhat the same as an extremist Muslim – focus on the kids – but my thought process was not to kill them, but to undo the mind washing of hatred that they have been indoctrinated with since birth.
The bombing at the Manchester concert hall went to the core of their thinking: Kill the children and you kill the root of the problem.
Incite fear into parents going to entertainment venues and you win a big portion of the battle; kill the children who will grow up to be your enemy and you win another big portion of the battle. But really it doesn’t work that way.
I truly believe that, by and large, the world does not think like a radicalized extremist and human love and decency abound in most people. They want to see the killing stopped, even to the extreme of using a MOAB (Mother of All Bombs.)
Dropping a bomb on a terrorist camp and bombing a concert hall are such totally different types of killing. A military target is one thing; a concert hall knowing children are the main audience is another. Each ends with dead people, but it’s the difference between civilized culture trying to stop random, nonsensical killing and deranged religious groups casting fear and hatred among people at will.
The United States has been very lucky so far. We’ve had the 9/11 event, the Boston Marathon bombing, but it is only a matter of time before we suffer the same kinds of suicide bombings that Europe is experiencing.
Obama’s open importation of Muslim groups of people helped set the ball rolling just like German Chancellor Angela Merkel’s action of bringing one million unvetted Muslim refugees to Germany did for the European Union.
Her soft stance on immigration will cost many people their lives. Radical Muslims will move through those countries swiftly and quietly and immerse themselves into the communities waiting for the prime moment to strike.
Think about Overland Park. When I walk into the Walmart at 119th Street, it’s like a melting pot for the world. I’ve been thinking for many years that with the diverse cultures apparently living in the area, it won’t be long before we see a bombing like they experienced in Manchester.
President Trump embarked on his first international trip this week. His speech to the Israeli parliament and Benjamin Netanyahu was a testament to wiping out radical extremist thinking and protecting our allies from the growing Islamic wave moving through Europe.
It should be a wake-up call for us. The growing Islamic wave is also moving through the United States. Cities like Minneapolis, now known as Little Mogadishu, and Green Bay and Milwaukee in Wisconsin, each with heavy populations of unassimilated immigrants living in a nation that took them in but one for which they have no love.
Our liberal media are having a heyday creating havoc in our nation and stirring the pot for the president; some day that will come back to haunt them – at the expense of innocent people killed by unvetted immigrants living in our country.
The Ariana Grande concert needs to serve as an example of what can happen in our country. We need to be vigilant to try to stay ahead of that coming tide of hatred – Lord help us.
Jackie Taylor
Linn County News publisher


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