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Gee whiz, Congress! Come on; get a backbone! The more waffling I see concerning health care the more I realize that we need term limits so members of Congress are not so concerned about their own pocketbooks, but doing what is right for America.
Holy cow, guys – since when do we cower in front of CNN, ABC and NBC, liberal media, hoping that we don’t catch their wrath?
Apparently, President Trump upset the liberal media a bit by calling them out on their lack of journalism scruples when they report fake news where he is concerned, and don’t report anything at all where some of Obama’s missteps were concerned, i.e., Benghazi, selling weapons to the cartel in Operation Fast and Furious, and more and more. And it doesn’t stop with Obama; the soft-touch journalism continued with Hillary Clinton.
So now, the liberal press is on fire and casting sparks like an out-of-control sparkler, and Congress is worried about what the folks back home will think when dealing with healthcare.
We elected Trump on the idea that he would get rid of Obamacare and replace it with something that is more affordable for all Americans – not just those on welfare who don’t want to or can’t work.
Congress is so afraid to make a stance; it might bring the ire of the media on them, heaven forbid!
If we had term limits, it wouldn’t matter. None of them would be in Washington for more than 8-12 years anyway, and they’d be making decisions for America, not just themselves.
In the old days, when ships were wooden, and men were men – not leaving out women who have a strong constitution – decisions were made based on what these did for our country. Congress didn’t bend because of a shipped-in busload of rabble-rousers.
I’ve watched our company healthcare plan increase in cost by hundreds of dollars and along with it, my employees’ deductibles soar higher and higher. Tell me that is the best for this country. I want a market where I can call numerous companies and find the cheapest, best plan around. So far, there seem to be two companies and I’m with one.
I already had to go on Obamacare when we changed the scope of the plan we were on. That change took us out of the “grandfathered” status and threw us into the healthcare exchange market.
I think Congress might need to put blindfolds on and meet in a room where they don’t know who they are talking to, be it Republican or Democrat, and get healthcare hammered out for America. I’m sick of this two-party system where the thought is “there’s no way in hell I’m talking to a Republican (or Democrat) about this.”
There are times I wish we could reincarnate Ronald Reagan to walk the halls of Congress to make people come together and discuss an issue that affects every American.
So, term limits? Yes, and wouldn’t it be nice if Congress was a no-party place where it really didn’t matter what letter you carry behind your name? Kind of like a school board member or city council member, partisan politics usually doesn’t enter those boards, and rightly so.
Actually, I correct myself on school boards. Party didn’t enter the discussion until this year when superintendents and teachers were elected heavily to the Kansas Legislature as “moderate Republicans” to influence school finance. In this case, the Democratic KNEA and NEA (National Education Association) organizations influenced from the top down and are now carrying our Kansas Legislature, hence the tax change Kansans saw a few weeks ago that will add hundreds of dollars to each taxpayer’s bill this year and beyond.
Beyond that, normally school boards and cities don’t have much partisan politics involvement; the United States Congress … holy moly, another story all in itself.
Meanwhile, I really want to emphasize that our elected officials in Washington, D.C., will not get cooties discussing issues with members of the opposite party. I think we, as their constituents, should insist that our representatives begin open dialogue and quit the BS that we’re seeing in our Capitol – I for one have had enough.
Jackie Taylor
Linn County News publisher


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